Signed in as:

Customer Empowerment Exchange

Social Engagement


Build a social media bridge between aspiring customer and existing customers and allow them to exchange product related information on their preferred mode of communication.

Expert Opinions


Allow aspiring customers to tap into a huge network of influencers.

Brand Representatives


Get detailed product information or specifications from brand ambassadors

Customer Service Executives


Provide low effort customer service experience to your customers by making it as easy as click of a button and no human touch to connect with your talented CSRs.

Loyalty Program


Build a community of certified customers and incentivize customers for their continuous participation in loyalty program.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns


Get bottom-of-the-funnel leads and convert leads to achieve higher conversion rate by launching targeted marketing campaigns.  



A quick infographic of how CEX looks in action on our client's website: Feel free to contact us to schedule a demo!


What CEX Will do for you:

 The “always-on” tech-savvy nature of today’s consumers, marketers have tools to constantly inundate consumers with brands’ messages hoping that these messages will allow them to gain the greatest amount of traction among distracted and disloyal customers. But for many of these consumers, these messages aren’t motivating but instead end up creating more confusion. Leading to doubts during purchasing process, as a result, a loss of confidence with the brands they intend to buy from.

Consumer wanting to make a purchase get limited options to justify their decisions. They can check out the product page on brand’s website, research competitor’s websites, live chat with customer service representative, read hundreds of skewed ratings & reviews comments or even go to social media to see the product or service from many different perspectives. All this adds up to a complicated experience for the customer, in a world where brands want to make the most streamlined purchasing process possible.

Customer Empowerment Exchange with its ability to map the aspiring customer’s questions or concerns or doubts about a product or service to the source they consider most appropriate to answer their questions or allay their concerns or clarify their doubts, can help brands to increase the level of trust and achieve higher conversion rate.